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For Sale

Equipment For Sale

Most photographers have extra gear because they can't resist picking up an appealing piece.  After a while, stuff shows up on the door step.  To keep the inventory manageable, I sell things here.  Email or phone if interested.

The descriptions are brief.  More information and photos will be sent on an expression of interest to pp@FlanaganPhoto.com or a phone call.

Prices are modest so normally aren't negotiated unless the market has shifted or you purchase several items.  Pricing has not been done yet for some items--please make an offer.  Not all items have a link to a photo but are available.

Payments accepted via:
Cash (pick up in Fairfax, VA)
Check (will ship after it clears and is collected)

Shipping is additional if not picked up near Vienna, VA, outside of Washington, DC

Camaras and Lenses

back   A12      chrome, with dk sIide            $135
Zeis Sonnar T* 150 mm f/4 (black)   $455
Hasselblad full product line catalog from 1996, mint condition $40
Poloroid back for Hasselblad   $40
Various lens hoods and filter holder.  Inquire

Nikon -- 35 mm film
Body Nǐkon F3 HP 35mm + eye cup strap  $210
Body NIkon F3/T HP features titanium metal body.  $450
Motor drive for F3  $40
Body Nikon F/TN  with meter finder.  $320
lens Nikon Micro Nikkor 55 mm. f3.5  caps & hood$220
lens Nikon Micro Nikkor 55 mm. f2.8  caps &hood  $190
Reflex-Nikkor 500 mm f/8 mirror lens, early model           $220
Vivitar 135 mm  f/2.8 with Nikon F mount (AI)  $55
flash Nikon SB-16 for F3 camera          $48
extension tube M2 for F mount          $15
 filters _Nikon _various 52mm 6 available   $12 each_  red, Fl CC, 81A, light yellow
 filter Hoya UV sty    93mm       $45
lens hood for 43-86 mm Nikkor            $12

camera Prominent 35 mm with metal strap, excellent condition $250
lens Dynaron 100 mm f/4.5  $150
lens Skoparon  35 mm f/3.5  $150
Viewfinder for 100 mm lens mounts in top shoe  $80 (shown with 100 mm lens, sold separately)
Leather cases and strap;  case delivered with each piece

Misc. Cameras
Argus Argoflex 75 (dirty lenses)  twin lens reflex for 120 film $5
Argus C3 35 mm (the 'brick') very usable   $25
antique camera Kodak folder, 1-speed DAK shutter $20
Mamiya C330 TLR (interchangeable lens) 80 mm f/2.8 Sekor lens with frozen shutter  $165
Kodak 5x7 view camera with portrait lens  $300
5x7 film holders  $20 each
box of 5x7 film,  50 sheets $50

Darkroom Equipment

11x14 enlarging easel   4 blades  $32
16x20 vertical print washer with 2-slot solution tank   $375
Dust blower rubber squeeze bulb    $3
Various enlarging lenses from 50 mm to 250 mm.  Inquire. 
Several enlargers are available, from 35 mm  to 8x10.  Bessler, Durst, Omega, Elwood.  Inquire within.
See the offer at the bottom of http://flanaganphoto.com/lessons.html


Light meter Gossen Luna Pro      $45

Flash Vivitar 285HV with manual    $45
flash Nikon SB-16 for F3 camera          $48
electronic enlarger timer  $20
Cable release   various models  $5 each

cable RCA to 1/8" mono (straight)  $4
cable RCA to 1/8" mono (right angle)  $4

Kokak filters handbook  $5

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