Fine-Art Black & White Photography
in classic styles and materials

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Darkroom and Camera Lessons  

You can learn to craft images in the tradition of Ansel Adams, the Westons, and others who worked in the b/w medium.  I can't guarantee that you'll be famous, but this workshop will show you how to make the print "say" what you want viewers to "hear" and not just what's obvious in the negative. 

     You may inquire about lessons by email or phone 703.855.0191

If you are interested in or curious about fine art black and white prints, these lessons will show you how to create them yourself through hands-on work with cameras, film, and darkroom equipment.  Students enjoy either individual attention or very small classes where participation is part of each session.

Students may take the full curriculum or choose areas to focus on.  In addition to the technical aspects, students learn to evoke what they want from an image by applying creative judgment and using processing tools.

Topical Outline

Camera Work
    Uses and limitations of 35 mm, 6x6 cm, 6x7 cm, 4x5 inch, and 5x7 cameras.
    Perspective and viewpoint with a view camera
    Lighting for effect or working with available light
    Choice of film
    Exposure control and effects on final print image

Film Processing
     Time and temperature control of density and contrast
     Selecting the developer
     The different processes for roll film and sheet film
     Proofing and storage   

     Darkroom fundamentals for safety and proper handling of materials
     Operating the enlarger
     Exposure metering and contrast control
     Test prints
     Developing, fixing, washing, and drying prints
     Toning paper (and sometimes negatives)

Finishing Prints for Display
     Mats that enhance the image
     Choice of frame molding
The workshop takes place in the production darkroom.  Exact days and times will be decided between the students and instructor.

The darkroom is equipped to print negatives from 35 mm up to 4x5 inches onto paper up to 20x24 inches.  Workshop format is an hour of discussion and demonstration, followed by supervised time to take pictures, develop film, or print on your own, then an examination of the new images (total of 3 hours).  Students are encouraged to bring their personal b/w negatives to print. 

Workshops are schedule in blocks of five weekly sessions.  Additional time alone in the darkroom is available for an additional fee.  A very modest tuition of $150 per block for group lessons (no more than three students at a time);  individual instruction to be negotiated.  Fee includes use of cameras and the darkroom equipment,  chemicals for processing, film, and paper.  Mounting and framing are available for an additional charge.  Students in sessions are matched by experience level.  This workshop is not focused on exposing and developing negatives, which topics will be included to the extent relevant to print quality. 

Several enlargers are available for students who wish to work in their own darkrooms.  Upon completion of the course each student may select one to own at no charge.

You may inquire about lessons by email or phone 703.855.0191.

About the

William Flanagan 
has worked in traditional b&w media for decades.  His editorial work has been printed in many magazines and newspapers.  A selection of landscapes and architectural images have been shown at the Ratner Museum (Bethesda, MD), Broadway Gallery, and other venues in the Washington DC area.

  Flanagan has taken two week-long workshops, on  b/w printing
, basic and advanced, with John Sexton, darkroom assistant to Ansel Adams.

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