Fine-Art Black & White Photography
in classic styles and materials

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Photo Lab Services

Lab services are offered for your b/w negatives.   All of the gallery photos on this web site were developed, printed, and mounted here. 

Film Developing

Film developing is available for 35 mm, 120 rolls, and sheet film to 20x24 inches.


Print paper is fiber based, silver gelatin--the traditional materials.  Processing includes thorough washing and selenium toning to prolong the life expectancy.  Standard work handles film from 35 mm to 4x5 inches for enlarging and any size up to 20x24 inches for contact printing. 

Larger size prints available on special order.


For durability over many years, a standard practice is to adhere prints to rigid, acid-free paperboard that reduces the chance of bending, creasing, or tearing.  Heat-set "dry mounting tissue" holds the two sheets together permanently.
  • Dry mounting press handles mounts with widths up to 35 inches and any length.
We also do framing.

4x5 Enlarger

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