Fine-Art Black & White Photography
in classic styles and materials

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About Flanagan Photographic

The fine art of monochrome printing developed over decades when the process was the standard for commercial printing, periodicals, and journalism.  Getting to be really good at printing, like any talent, requires years of practice that consume lots of materials. 

So it was a big change when color and digital processes pushed monochrome film and silver paper out of the mainstream.  Many vendors, including the makers of a favorite print paper, dropped their silver-based product lines.  Most of the famous names in photography no longer make film cameras or paper.  A few continue to offer printing paper and film so the universe has shrunk to those who appreciate the art for the quality of the prints and for their longevity.

Flanagan maintains a darkroom for processing film and making enlarged prints.  Capabilities include:
  • Enlarging negatives on a Saunder LPL 4x5 enlarger.  Other enlargers on hand range in size from 6x6 cm to 8x10 inches (negative size).  Exposure calculator speeds the work and minimizes test strips.
  • Paper developing and washing equipment for sheets up to 20 x 24 inches.
  • Dry mounting press.
  • Mat cutter.
  • Framing done in metal and wood, up to 8 ft in the largest dimension.  Wood frame corners are joined with a "thumbnailer." 
  • Film developing for 35 mm rolls to 5x7 inch sheet film.
Lessons take place in the production darkroom.

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