Fine-Art Black & White Photography
in classic styles and materials

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Fine-Art Silver Prints

Yes, digital is the new wave, but the old wave isn't gone yet, for at least three reasons:
  1. Resolution:  a medium format black and white negative contains as much information as a 60 megapixel image.  Large negatives exceed 200 MP.
  2. Longevity:  b/w silver prints are known to last more than 100 years.
  3. Visual impression:  while it's often hard to tell if a print is hand-made in silver or computer output, many people prefer the overall impact of a silver print.
That's why silver images are still collected, still in demand at auction.  It's the b/w prints of the family that the grandchildren will want, long after the color prints have faded. 

Our technical goal is a print rich in detail, with full tonality and little if any visible grain.  That's why we work with medium and large negative sizes;  35 mm can be used where appropriate, but seldom for large-size fine-art prints.  Pleasing overall composition complements detailed content, producing a print that appeals to the viewer from across the room and also rewards closer examination.

Ample negative size allows large prints suited to display in home or office.  Standard sizes range from 5x7 inches up to 20x24 inches.  Larger prints are available on special order.  When mounted with mats and frames, overall dimensions typically are 6 to 8 inches inches larger in each dimension.

For rates and a schedule, inquire by email or phone 703.855.0191.

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