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Framing Services

Most of the gallery photos on this web site were developed, printed, mounted, and framed here.  

As part of our photo business the need to finish to a framed object brought all of the process in-house.  What works for photos works equally well for other forms of sheet media such as posters, painting, lithographs, and printed materials.

Since most of the framed objects are monochrome photos our main stock of mats and frames are also black frames and white mats.  Other colors and all wood frames are obtained as needed.  

Call for an estimate.


For durability over many years, a standard practice is to adhere prints and other paper objects to rigid, acid-free paperboard.  A board reduces the chance of bending, creasing, or tearing.  For photos, heat-set "dry mounting tissue" holds the two sheets together permanently.  An alternative is to "hinge" the photo or art piece to the board with acid-free tape.

Standard service mounts to boards up to 40x32 inches.  Boards up to 60x48 inches are a special order.  Larger sizes are possible.  The dry mounting press handles mount boards up to 35 inches wide and any length.


Mats set off an image, photo, or other art with a plain white border or one in a complementary color.  A mat also separates the art from the glazing to prevent sticking.  We offer 4-ply and 8-ply mats up to 40 inches.


Prints on long-term display typically occupy a frame under a glazing material.  We offer metal and wood frames, glass and acrylic glazing.  Capabilities include:
  • Frame moulding in metal and wood up to 8 ft long.
  • Metal frames for minimal visual impact (see framed poster at right).
  • "Thumbnailer"  machine to join wider wooden frames with plastic double wedges set in mortices for strength and rigidity.

Framed Poster
with gold mat

More Examples
of Framing

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