Fine-Art Black & White Photography
in classic styles and materials

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A Framing Sampler

A frame provides a finished look to the display of a photo or other art, and provides a means to hang it on the wall.  Glazing (glass or plastic) protects the image from physical damage and may also filter out strong light that causes fading. 

Mats surround the image to isolate it from the background, giving the image its own space.  Typically a black and white photo has a white mat.  Other art may look better with a complementary color in the mat.  Multiple layers of mats add interesting borders, sometimes in multiple colors.  Mats also hold the art away from the glazing to prevent sticking.

Some examples of framing:

Poster with gold metalic mat.

Signed poster in metal frame.

Poster in metal frame.

Wedding certificate in wood frame.

Flanagan's photos exhibited in wood frames at the Ratner Museum.

Map mounted in metal frame, unglazed.

Elliot Porter vintage print in cherry frame.

Die transfer print in cherry frame.

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